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Executive Search

We are the top experts in finding executive talent. We have a database of over 20,000 candidates and a highly trained team connected internationally to secure leaders for any executive position and in any market sector.

We have incorporated artificial intelligence tools to detect and evaluate talent and project their results into the future.

Throughout the search process, we become an integral part of the company we work for. We are partners and accompany the selected candidate and the company in the onboarding process to ensure its success.

We are more than just a company specialized in Executive Search. We provide continuous value, support, and aim towards the future.

Executive Search

What defines us

We approach Executive Search projects based on certain principles:

We specialize in clients, not in sectors.

We need to understand the culture of our clients to become part of them.

We select people, not just CV’s.

We value what an executive has done and, above all, what he or she can do and contribute

We help companies anticipate future challenges.

We thrive on challenges. We are passionate about the most complex and difficult objectives.

In international searches: Local Recruitment, Global Assessment.

We seek good people who are also good professionals.
Personal quality is essential.

We specialize in Board Consulting.

The Board of Directors plays a pivotal role to ensure good governance and direction of the company.
We provide comprehensive services that can cover all areas:

Identification of profiles and skills.

Definition of the most suitable profiles.

Evaluation, selection, and verification of candidates.

Design of compensation models.

Monitoring of the integration process of new directors.

Strategies for the renewal of Directors.

Replacement of Directors.

Mentoring on the establishment and operation of Family Council Secretariats.

Development of family protocols, etc.

50% of our searches are for Executive Committee positions.

30% of our searches are for managerial positions. 

10% of our searches are for highly specialized positions.

10% of our searches are for board members.

25% of our projects have been international searches under the concept of recruiting locally and evaluating globally.