Our Clients

Since being founded in 1988, KONSAC has worked with multiple clients, in both the public and private sectors, multinational, family-owned and listed companies, as well as several investment funds. Our activities are organized by sector, and we have a team of specialists for each one, in direct contact with clients and candidates. We have clients in the following sectors:

  • Health Care & Pharmacy
  • Consumer
  • Industry
  • Services
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Public & Social sector

In the last financial year 2021 we have worked on the following projects for our clients:


50% searches for positions at board level

30% searches for managerial positions

20% searches for highly specialized positions

25% of our projects have been international searches due to our association with the Finding Heads network


  • Projects of assessment center
  • Projects of management Audit
  • Processes of acceleration of transformation
  • Programs of leadership
  • Programs of team building
  • Training competences

All this with the strong support of digital tools