“I have been working with recruitment companies for years... small, medium, large ones... the personal and professional commitment of KONSAC during the whole process has really given us a great peace of mind... and, let's not talk about the value of the professionals referred... all them are so good that it is very difficult to choose between people so well prepared. Congratulations for taking your work so seriously and understanding how important it is for companies and candidates, to make the right decision.”

Xavier Cottet - President
Zurich Insurance

"I find admirable the team of Konsac, in the Elena Lúquez combines its high technical methodological rigor with an extreme sensitivity to inquire into the behaviors, critical experiences and results achieved by the candidates. All the people who have participated in its processes, and who have subsequently joined Zurich, highlight how the candidate's "experience" has been exquisitely cared for. For me, undoubtedly, they are magnificent professionals who have earned in their own right their participation in the "league of champions" recruiting and attracting talent."

Carlos Esteban - Human Resources & CR Director
AB Mauri

"Konsac added value is its ability to understand the needs of the organization showing great sensitivity to find the key elements to success in any search."

Pilar Anton - Iberia Human Resources Director

"KONSAC has helped us to select the person who best adapts to our changing needs, from a global perspective, quickly, effectively and in line with our corporate values."

Gaël Queralt - Chief Executive Officer

"Konsac is for IDP a first-rate collaborator who, from his experience and knowledge of the world of business and people, provides us with an external and professional vision that accompanies us in the process of continuous improvement to achieve excellence in service To our customers."

Enrique Blasco - Chief Executive Officer
Grupo Uriach

"Konsac is crucial to our organizational development. For many years they have been selecting partners for key positions in our company. Knowing our culture and way of doing, they are jointly responsible for the selection of the management team that is in our firm and with a nearly 100% success. It stresses their methodology in the selection process and the good intuition, both guarantee of success."

Oriol Segarra - CEO

"After 25 years of close collaboration with the team of Konsac I can assure that we can conclude that much of our survival and growth has come from the hand of the magnificent symbiosis that has existed between them and our group. Having such a professional part is a guarantee of peace of being in good hands."

Xavier Aixelà - CEO

"Konsac stand out for his knowledge, rigour, professionalism, perseverance, closeness and respect towards people, values ​​that are the reason why we have spent years od understanding and close cooperation always achieving the high standards of our organization. Konsac, more than a supplier, is a partner for us."

Francesc Ricart - Director of Human Resources

"What has surprised us most in working with Konsac is the seriousness in meeting deadlines and in the suitability of all the profiles proposed, which shows that they understand very well the needs of their clients and, above all, their culture."

Miquel Rutllant - Managing Director

"Our trajectory receiving support in internal assemblies has been key to detect and promote internal talents, it is really an added value. As for external search processes for vacancies in key positions of the company, has managed to find the people that fit perfectly with our needs for the moment of change that the company and the sector is experiencing."

Xavier Marti - Managing Director

"I believe Konsac professionals with whom we have worked have given us advice and guidance with their way of seeing things, using serious and reliable methodologies and helping us to grow thanks to their knowledge of our culture and our strategy. I appreciate their great involvement in all they have done for us."

Joaquín Leal - General Director

"Konsac, as provider of Human Resources services, stand out for its listening. From the beginning they are involved in your problem and offer a solution really adapted to your needs. In addition, they includes you during every moment of the project implementation to give you a more complete picture of the final result. Secondly, I would highlight the professionalism and good work of the team. In short, Konsac is a trusted partner to develop complex HR processes."

Matías Ripoll - Human Resources Director
Voestalpine Böhler Welding

"Talking of Konsac is talking of a wise traveling companion throughout the years helps you to develop success in your organization through everything related to the people management. The Konsac team has shown itself capable of giving valid and creative solutions to our needs. Trust, familiarity in dealing not free at all of rigor, tenacity and effectiveness in difficult searches, adaptability in ways to approach your problems and a true vocation of service are, among others, good Konsac descriptors."