Juan José Planes

Technical Engineer and Bachelor degree in Psychology. PDD and PADE from the IESE. Previous experience in Production within the publishing sector. More than 30 years of experience in executive and professional search, and in the leadership of transformation processes. Founding Partner of Konsac. Member of the Board of Directors at several family run companies within the industrial sector. Founding Partner and Managing Director of Konsac.

Ana María Nieto

Bachelor degree in Psychology. Master's degree in HR. PDG from IESE. Previous experience in the world of academic teaching. More than 20 years of experience in Human Resource consulting with strong emphasis on search, assessment, and Management Audit. Founding partner and Manager within the Search area.

Helena Planes

Bachelor degree in Psychology. Bachelor degree and PhD courses in Anthropology. Master's degree in Multimedia. Master's degree in Human Resources. More than 10 years consultancy experience of diagnosis projects (climate, culture, leadership, assessment), skills training and organizational development. Konsac Partner. Area Manager of Knowledge Management and Talent Management.

Tania Planes

Naval and Oceanic Engineering. Executive MBA by IESE. Senior Consultant in Talent Management Projects and Consultancy. 7 years of experience in management positions in areas of industrial safety and operations in the industrial and energy sector. 5 years of experience in training and process consulting. Expert in the industrial sector. Partner of Konsac. Responsible for business development, and new products R&D.


Juan Artigas

Bachelor degree in Economics and Business Administration. Partner at Alexander Hughes for the past 10 years and partner at Konsac since April 2015. Previously lead several international FMCG companies.

Anselm Diví

Bachelor degree in Law. MBA by ESADE. Previous experience as HR Director in companies from industrial, pharmaceutical and banking sector. Area of expertise: Banking and Health Care.

H.R. Business Partners

Felipe Domené

Bachelor degree in Psychology and Master's degree from SCHOOL MANAGEMENT. 30 years of experience in the field of Human Resources as a manager and consultant both nationally and internationally.

Elena Lúquez

Bachelor degree in Psychology with over 25 years of experience in HR consultancy. Expert in Competency-based Selection.


Natividad Yuste

Bachelor degree in Psychology. Experience leading search and personnel selection projects. Expert in assessment center. Consultant in the Banking, Insurance and Technology areas.

María Montoya

Bachelor degree in Psychology. Experience leading search and personnel selection projects. Consultant in the Consumer, Retail, Distribution, and Professional Services sectors.

Olga Buenrostro

Bachelor degree in Psychology. Master’s in HR. Experience in Outplacement Consulting, organization, responsible for market research and Search and Professional Evaluation consultant. Consultant in the Energy, Construction and Engineering areas.

Anderson Pérez

Bachelor degree in Psychology. Master degree in Organizations. Experience in Executive Search and Recruitment of IT, Industrial and Retail profiles both in national and international markets. Working in market studies and talent identification.

Mar Puchol

Degree in Psychology. Master in Psychotherapy. Experience in education and Research, Recruitment and Evaluation. Research Consultant.

Ana Córdoba

Bachelor degree in Psychology. Master's degree in Clinical and Health Psychology. Coaching Expert. Experience in the field of Search and personnel Selection and providing support in the field of Training and Talent Development.

Carlota Mas

Degree in Psychology. Master degree in Human Resources, Organizations and Work Psychology in Blanquerna- URL. Experience in Executive Search and Recruitment consulting.

Technical Support

Elma Baz

Vocational training. Graphic design courses. Multimedia studies. Responsible for Document Management. Responsible for document management on all projects within our organization.

And an extensive network of associated Consultants.